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About Us

HealthCare Training Service employs a number of Education Consultants who are specialists in their chosen fields. We are committed to providing the latest information, presented by respected clinicians who are passionate about ongoing education and professional development.

Director’s message

I sincerely thank everyone who has ever attended, organised, supported or championed our advanced life support courses (adult & paediatric).  You are incredible people who have inspired and motivated me as well as contributed to the ongoing direction of HealthCare Training Service.  I am humbled by your attendance at our courses. You provide me with the encouragement to continue to do what we do.  I have enormous admiration for you all, who have, over many years, continued to support both our vision and me personally.

We have provided advanced life support training to Intensive Care Specialists, Anaesthetists, Emergency Physicians, Commanding Officers, Registered Nurses, General Practitioners, Paramedics, Medics, Cardiologists, Cardiac Scientists, Retrieval Services, and many more… I am so truly grateful for your support.       

Denise Airey – Director

Our Vision

To provide quality education and positive practical training for healthcare professionals responsible for managing resuscitation and emergency response events.

Our Mission

To enhance the delivery of quality health care and support career development by creating positive and meaningful learning experiences for healthcare professionals through a service which is innovative, reliable, timely, cost-effective, and relevant.

Our Core Values

Professional service
Training excellence
Innovative strategies

Our Objectives

  • To enhance the delivery of health care to various clients/client groups through providing timely and effective education programs to the health care providers.
  • To enhance the professional development of health care professionals and assist with career progression.
  • Our service provision and professional development programs will reflect best practice and be quality controlled.
  • To provide health care organisations and individuals with access to multiple education consultants who are experts in their fields.
  • To provide programs which cater to all levels of staff with the aim to target specific learning deficits of individuals in order to enhance their clinical practice.
  • To provide a personalised service which is outcome focused with Quality Improvement processes built-in.
  • To ensure our service is cost effective.
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